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Committed Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries

We are lawyers, James Morgan of Mandryk & Morgan, and Cary Vervaeke Law Office practicing in association, providing full legal services for all of your personal and corporate requirements and cases.

Tillsonburg’s Trusted Law Firm for Professional Litigation

The law firm of Mandryk & Morgan and Cary Vervaeke has over 50 years of experience practising various areas of the law to effectively protect the civil rights and interests of residents and businesses in Tillsonburg, Simcoe and Southern Ontario.

Exceptional Legal Services

We are two lawyers and a paralegal who are passionate professionals dedicated to serving the local community with sound legal advice. We are committed to our clients and dedicated to sharing our experience and knowledge across a broad range of legal problems and court cases.

Our areas of practice include:

Full-Service at a Small Town Law Office

We serve clients from all over Southern Ontario who come to Mandryk, Morgan & Vervaeke in Tillsonburg for our full-service law office. Our litigation services are appropriate for personal claims, business and agricultural cases. We provide all aspects of litigation paired with solicitors for a wide range of services. We bring the large firm knowledge and a wealth of courtroom experience to local cases in our small town of Tillsonburg. We also provide full legal services for your personal and corporate needs including real estate transactions, mortgages, wills and estates.

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Our Team

James R. Morgan

James R. Morgan

Personal Injury Cases, Commercial Litigation, Real Estate Law

Judy Cayford

Judy Cayford


Personal Injury

Civil Litigation

Commercial Law

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