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Confident Defense Law in Small Claims Court and Tribunals

Tillsonburg’s Mandryk, Morgan & Vervaeke Associates at Law has 50 years of law experience in the courtroom and at the bargaining table. We have appeared in all levels of court including the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. We are committed to you, as our client, and will defend your case justly.

Efficient Legal Services at a Fair Cost

We will provide timely legal services with confidence for any of your traffic tickets, landlord and tenant disputes or convicted criminal offences.

Mandryk, Morgan & Vervaeke Associates at Law’s team of barrister and solicitors strive to give you exceptional personal detail at a fair cost. Our first step to accomplishing this is to provide a consultation with a knowledgeable and practiced lawyer.

Mandryk, Morgan & Vervaeke Associates at Law will advocate for your claim in these areas:

  • Small claims court
  • WSIB claims
  • Human rights commission
  • CPP appeals

  • Highway traffic act
  • Provincial offences
  • Criminal compensation board
  • Landlord and tenant court

For any of your small court claims or tribunal hearings, seek the legal advice from Mandryk, Morgan & Vervaeke Associates at Law.

Our Team

James R. Morgan

James R. Morgan

Personal Injury Cases, Commercial Litigation, Real Estate Law

Judy Cayford

Judy Cayford


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